Individually Calibrated Lenses

With lens-specific optical performance data to enhance image processing and improve image quality

Theia Technologies' individually calibrated lenses provide lens-specific optical performance data to enhance image processing and improve image quality. The calibrated lenses with motorized zoom and focus simplify camera setup in applications that have variable camera positions and object distances, enhancing object resolution in dynamic environments and applications such as mobile robots, ITS, ANPR and other industrial imaging applications.

Application Notes Downloads:
Theia Calibrated Lenses AN001 Overview and Benefits
Theia Calibrated Lenses AN002 Calibration Data Files
Theia Calibrated Lenses AN004 BFL Compensation
Theia Calibrated Lenses AN005 Data Visualization Program
Theia Calibrated Lenses AN012 Focus Zoom Tracking
Theia Calibrated Lenses AN015 Aperture F#
Theia Calibrated Lenses AN016 Field of View

Calibrated Lenses are available for any Theia Lens including:
- Motorized Lenses
Linear Optical Technology® Lenses
Telephoto Lenses
Machine Vision Lenses
4K Resolution Lenses

For average calibrated lenses see this page
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Theia Technologies co-founder Mark Peterson presented on Motorized and Calibrated Lenses for Machine Vision at Photonics Media's Vision Spectra Conference.

Watch his presentation to learn more here:

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Calibrated Motorized 4K Lens: TL1250P-CAL

Focal Length: 12-50mm, 4k 12mpx, Day/Night, 1/1.7", motorized zoom & focus, telephoto lens,