Mid Focal Range Lenses

300 lp/mm Resolution in Visible and NIR

The focal length range of Theia's mid range lenses covers the majority of applications for security and surveillance.  These lenses are designed to be very high quality, compact lenses for use in domes and bullet cameras.  The lenses are true 4K (12 megapixel) resolution and support image sensors from 1/2.3" to 1/1.7" with a high quality, sharp image.  

Applications for this focal length range are diverse including monitoring hallways and classrooms in schools, keeping track of people in lobbies and office spaces, monitoring large warehouses for theft and security. Mid focal range lenses are available in both non-motorized and motorized configurations with board mounts (D25) as well.

  • 4-10mm and 6-10mm focal ranges
  • True 4K resolution – 12 megapixel, 300 lp/mm
  • Near IR corrected for multi-spectral and Day/Night applications
  • Manual, P-iris and DC auto-iris versions
  • For 2/3”, 1/1.7”, 1/2.3” and smaller image sensor formats
  • In CS, C, and D25 board mounts, depending on models
  • Fully motorized versions available

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Related Lenses

4K Standard Lens: SL410/ML410

Focal length: 4-10 mm, 4K resolution, 12 megapixels IR corrected for Day/Night For 1/1.7" sensor sizes or smaller

Motorized 4K Lens: TL410

Ultra High Resolution, standard Focal Length lens, 4-10mm focal range, 4K (12MP) resolution, Fully motorized (Zoom, Focus, IR Cut Filter, Iris, Focus/Zoom Limit Indicators), 1/2.3" up to 1/1.7" sensor sizes

2/3" Varifocal 4K Lens: ML610M

Focal length: 6-10 mm,4K resolution, 12 megapixels IR corrected for Day/Night For up to 2/3"