How to Purchase

Theia’s lenses are supplied worldwide through our distribution partner network and are also available through numerous OEM camera manufacturers, under the Theia brand or under the camera brand. Theia lens pricing depends on the role each customer plays in the supply chain as well as purchase quantity. We offer a different price schedule for each role in the supply chain and volume discounts within each schedule. We do our best to honor the efforts that our distribution partners make on our behalf to promote our products around the world. To make sure you receive the best price possible, follow the guide below; please be sure to specify the lens model you need, the quantity, and when they are needed if known.

I am an End User, Installer, Integrator, or General Reseller - Locate a Theia Distributor here.

I am a Distributor - Learn about becoming a Theia Distribution Partner here.

I am an OEM company - Contact Us to discuss your technical and commercial requirements.

I would like to Purchase a Custom Lens or Contract with Theia for Custom Design Services - Contact Andrea Van Landingham at +1 503 570-3296 to discuss your lens requirements and to order your custom lens. You may also Contact Us to start the conversation.